Cable Beach Broome Western Australia

Hatching Turtles in Broome

Experience hatching turtles in Broome at one of the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Western Australia’s Kimberley Coast.

Flatback turtles return to the shore of the Broome beaches every year to nest from October to February. The warm waters and long sandy beaches are ideal nesting grounds for the Flatback turtles who return to the same beach that they were hatched on.

Researchers also return each year to the area to discover as much as they can about the Flatback turtle species, which is threatened and protected under WA legislation. Researchers and volunteers record data on the nesting behaviours from year to year help us understand these amazing marine animals.

Often new hatchlings with escape the sand and head to the ocean on a full moon early in the morning. Yawuru Rangers place signs where nests are with a marked date. Look for the signs when heading down to the beach for a turtle hatching experience. Remember this slogan – stay lowgo slow and no glow.