Broome Information

Broome is located 2,346km from Perth via the number 1 highway and is part of the Kimberley region of Western Australia situated in the North West.

Broome is primarily a tourist destination and a gateway to the Kimberley region. As one of the largest North West Kimberley towns, Broome has a range of services from hospitals to shopping complexes.

Pearl luggers in Roebuck Bay Broome

A Town with a Unique History

The Yawuru people are the traditional owners of the lands and waters in and around the town of Broome. The Yawuru people have a long history of caring for the land and waters and are the still today the custodians.

After many generations of Yawuru people caring for the land, white people came to the region to settle and harvest pearls. Still today south sea pearls are farmed in the waters near Broome and are known world wide for their high quality.

Long before pearlers the region is recognised as being a dinosaur footprint archeology site dating back to around 130 million years ago. The Yawuru people have songlines and creation tellings explaining locations of the footprints along the Dampier Peninsula.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience Broome on tours including traditional hunting tours, hovercraft dinosaur tours to pearling tours.

Things to See and Do

With such a rich and long history Broome has many things to see and do. A range of tours are available during the dry season and some during the wet season.

Broome is the gateway to the Kimberley and the Kimberley has a whole new lot of experiences on offer including the Gibb River Road and Tunnel Creek. A day trip to Tunnel Creek tour leaves from Broome during the dry season. The Horizontal Water Falls is also a popular day tour for visitors and leaves daily during the dry season.

Check out our Broome Tours for more information.

When WWII came to Broome

During World War II Broome was one of the top north towns to be bombed by the Japanese. Today people have the opportunity to discover more about the bombing at the local museum.  On a very low tide people can walk out to the Flying Boat Wreaks located in the Dampier creek. Around 88 people died during the raid.

Fishing, Swimming and Relaxing

Cable Beach is known around the world for the white sand and milky water. People come from all over the world to witness a Kimberley sunset or staircase to the moon. Camel tours offer a nice ride up the beach during a sunset.

Broome is well amongst the fishos. A popular sport for beach fishing and boat fishing. Queenies, GT’s, Spanish Macks, Threadfins and Bluenose Salmon are a few popular species caught around Broome. Check with the local Yawuru ranges on places that can be fished before heading out to catch a feed.

A Place to See

Add Broome to your list of must see places. The Kimberley region and Broome offer a special kind of adventure like no other. Visitors are asked to remember to show respect to the diversity of people and culture, abundant wildlife, isolated land and unique waters surrounding the Kimberley. Come with an open heart and respectful mind. Prepare yourself to slip into ‘Broome Time’ for a once in a life time experience.